Rendezvous with Revant

01. What philosophy guides you?

Never put all your eggs in one basket and never test the depth of a river with both your legs. This philosophy is important to me as to be successful in life you have to be a risk-taker. I have always believed there is a thin line between risk and stupidity, and this line is defined by rational decision making.

02. What difference do you want to make in the world?

There is an imbalance in the world regarding wealth and power, a few control most of us and there is no transparency. Money is the source of this power and leadership, which has blinded the ones in power.

I firmly believe learning about finance and technology can help me succeed in getting people the help they need with the most advanced resources possible.

I want to engage in work that I truly enjoy and help people along the way and balance both, I will achieve both happiness and fulfillment. The world is full of con men trying to make money of the vulnerable. I feel like they don’t have a firm stance to defend themselves, which is why I chose finance to avoid that.

03. Why are you so passionate about Fintech?

My initial course of study was Computer Science but eventually, in my sophomore year of college, I switched to finance. I love Fintech. The financial technology course has changed my critical thinking and investigation skills for the better in many ways.
I have been thinking about working in the financial and technology industry ever since I took my first economics and computer class. Apart from using financial tools, learning about different corporate struggles and figuring them out is my favourite part about FinTech. I have also been very keen on real estate and how the market works. I plan to take a real estate minor later on in my college too. I am also a part of several professional organizations such as the Young Investors Club, Financial Management Association, and Real Estate Club. Working with computer

04. Tell us about your achievements and milestones.

Most of my achievements came through lawn tennis, which I believe has transformed me as a person. I took part in several tournaments and even matches, which were tough to get through. Working out for five to six hours a day as a professional player in itself is an achievement, which is not attained by many. I am glad I got that kind of experience and exposure.

05. What made you choose lawn tennis?

There was a time in my life where I had to make a decision regarding what I am going to be loyal to in life. I aspired to be a professional sports player when I was young. So I had a choice between soccer and lawn tennis, which meant a choice between teamwork and a lone wolf. The bottom line of the decision was whether I was okay with losing because someone else in my team did not play well. So I decided I wanted to be responsible and held accountable for the actions that I take and not others and I opted for lawn tennis. This trait continues and has shaped me into a responsible and independent individual.

06. Who are your Inspirations?

Some of my inspirations include, Warren Buffett, Simon Sinek, and the fact that the world is ever changing and dynamic so there is no fun in staying in your comfort zone and letting life pass by.

I’d like to add that, motivation is one of the main factors that I think separates me from others. Sometimes, people take their resources and opportunities for granted. I know people close to me have worked a lot to get me where I am today, and I cannot let them down.

07. Why do you like to volunteer for social causes?

Social causes are the bond that keeps a society together. The feeling of coming together and working towards a common cause to alleviate the pain of those suffering is the reason why I like to volunteer. I attended an event in the USA, which is called Knight-Thon. The baseline of the event says we should stand for the people who can’t stand for themselves. This baseline hit a nerve in me, and I cannot begin to explain how much sense it makes.

08. At a young age you are well traveled? Which are your favourite places?

My favourite places in the world include the biggest metropolitans, such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. These places have a fast-paced life. I am not yet ready to settle down in one particular place and not get out of my comfort zone. This is also the reason that feeds my fire.

“I would never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing me give up.”

—Revant Singal

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